Morning Pages

This is my morning pages.  Its a task that is less fun than you can imagine but something that lets my brain get boiling so to speak.  For all you wanna be professional writers out there, just like me, it is a must to get in the habbit of writing every day and I’ve found that per suggestions of my writing group and mentors like Holly Lisle that sitting down to write in the morning with a specific goal of a certain number of pages is a nice warm up for the real deal, you know when your pounding away at the next great american novel.  Don’t I wish.  But even better it allows your mind to be free to express itself in ways you might not have considered before.  You never really think about what your writing you just write.  And sometimes, lately to be honest for writers lump has me stumped, all I seem to write is this is my morning pages over and over.  Trust me its boring but it is a habbit you know, like that dirty word excercise, you make something a habit long enough it becomes part of the routine and thus something that is a daily must do. 

So I am making my writing a daily must do, much like I’m attempting to make that other word, what was it, oh exercise, a daily must do.  The writing is much easier trust me.  I’m one of those block heads that thinks exercise is something you get when you work in the yard, chase your children, walk the dog, it never occured to me untill recently it might be something I should do purposely.  Purposely, that is a good word write with purpose, on purpose, every day that is what makes anyone a writer not being published or doing book signings but the real everyday grind of actuall work it takes to write.

If you notice I haven’t edited this.  I’m simply typing away with my thoughts wandering willy nilly all over the place.  That is the purpose of this excercise, oh dang that word again, it is meant to get your mind wandering and oil up those gears so you can sit down with purpose and work on you novel, short story, poem, or childrens book with all the creativity and gears in perfect working order.  It works too.  That’s the best part.  There have been several times since I’ve started this per suggestion that I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write about that day because that dreaded writer’s lump had me blocked but this excercise helped take off the pressure I put on myself to be perfect and do everything just so.  Yes I know I’m very type A.  But the good news is its not catching. lol

As for writers lump, why do I call it that?  Well because I think block is just not the correct word.  A block is solid and unmoveable it sits there in your way without intention or motivation to move or adjust.  A lump is softer more maliable and though it too is in your way you can knead, pound it, and punch it right into shape or at least reduce it to a size you are able to easily climb over or move.  Block is just to permanent sounding so therefore I only ever get writer’s lump. 

Now that you have had the disturbing glimpse into my strange mind workings I encourage you to take a chance set aside a time every morning to write three pages.  That is your goal, not what you say, if you say anything at all, maybe you just write words you like or simply these are my morning pages when you can thing of nothing else but give it a try it really helps.  So this is the end of my morning pages and I am signing off.  I’ll be displaying this post exactly as it was typed, typos and all, so that you can see this is not about doing it perfectly just doing it and allowing the thoughts to flow.  Do you know how hard it is for me not to use the spell check function or go back and read this before I post.  I’m practically hyperventalating here, so type A lol.  Well all till next time, keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep being you.

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The Crow, The Crow

Okay, so I know there must be a dozen ways that I have made the same dumb mistakes but I always do it again and again.  I thought, right on this book is ready to go I have the message that I want in it.  I thought this story is right on.  Then I handed it out to some friends and their words busted my bubble.  I had some doubts but I never trust what I think so I wanted some second opinions.  I should have listened to that little voice; I wasn’t wrong.  It needed work.

I have a good concept, I created a solid world but I let the story drift to far out.  Now I’m tightening it up and paring it down.  In this process I visited one of my favorite haunts, Barnes & Nobel,  and for those of you who may stumble across this little unknown blog I have two wonderful recommendations for a situation such as mine or for those of you who don’t want to get there in the first place.  The books are:  Your First Novel by Ann Rittenburg and Laura Whitcomb and Self Editing for Fiction Writer’s by Renni Brownie and Dave King.  I highly recommend the second it not only has checklists it has practice assignments for those of you who work best inside that sort of framework.  I personally can’t live without my lists. 

Well I hope you have had a few chuckles at my folly and learned something along the way.  I know I did.  Till next time keep writing and keep dreaming.

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Who and How Many

This may sound like the title of my next project but the truth is its a conundrum I can’t seem to wrestle to the ground and hogtie.  I’m finished with my novel a whole 75,000 words and its a women’s fantasy fiction with christian themes.  It has a great pace, an involving story, and the characters and world are not paper mache. 

This may sound like the perfect novel, however, it has gremlins.  How short is too short?  How long is too long?  When is involved too involved? Who do you send it to in hopes of finding out?  These questions have been plauging me as I’ve sent it to agent after agent only to receive a form rejection without explanation.  So I began surfing the web, handy little tool that it is, to find the answer to my burning questions.

Guess what; its a crap shoot!  You get what you get.  Some agents want the next C. S. Lewis and some want the 130 page airport novella.  It depends on their agency and what mood they’re in.  This shouldn’t discourage you (I say this tounge in cheek as I battle with frustration, aggravation, and a tinge of depression over my continued failure at finding an agent).  It is a combination of providence and the process of elimination, I’m quickly discovering, that lands you an agent. 

So I will close this blog on a positive note.  There is no recepie for getting published.  J. K. Rowling couldn’t be farther away from Louis L’Amour and the common denominator between Christopher Paolini and Francine Rivers well there just isn’t one, except for the fact I love them all.  They are all exceptional writer’s in the genre they represent but the length depth and breadth of their novels are completely different.  The only definite in this business; your persistence will pay off if you’ve done your part and made sure the book is as close as you can get to publishable the minute it is accepted.  Keep writing, dreaming, and putting thoughts on paper folks it will pay off. 

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