Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

You can tell by the title, I’m sure, that I love the snow and it has brought to mind a new and fascinating idea for my book.  I love how the weather, the climate, and the landscape of a location or world in a story somehow add an entirely different sort of character to any tale.

Rainy days can add an element of sadness or reflection, storms add anger or drama and tension, ahh but snow for me snow is the most dramatic of all.  It is quiet and cold, peacful but deadly.  Snow is both hope and horror depending on the story and the situation and either one is a remarkable.

It can lie like a serene white virgin ocean when untouched by foot or claw.  It is a sea of cold and death and wind driven fury when you are exposed to its strength unintentionally.  Snow is all those things that most fascinate me about life.  In one moment hopeful, beautiful, and something to spark the imagination in the next it is fury and death with icy fingers.  But most often it is both at once and in my story I think I shall make it that way also.

So enough of my pointless meanderings through the foggy depths of my twisted mind.  Thanks again for any of those unfortunate souls daft enough to read this strange stuff and for those of you who read and write keep dreaming, writing, and believing.  Adios till next time.

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