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I have just finished watching The Duchess and have for the first time in years shed tears at a movie.  It touched in me a chord that I so truly know.  What a woman must suffer or will suffer would drive a man to his death.

For men are so accustomed even in our society to having both what they want and what they need, and though to a lesser degree than in days of old, usually at the expense of a woman.  It makes me think back on all the times growing up that I heard my father tell me or my mother some idiotic statement like, “Women are good for making babies and cleaning house.”

Appalling really, I assure you, but yes that attitude still is very much alive.  Then those self same men that spout such drivel wonder why women become feminist Nazis and try to run them over.  It is sad that in order to be heard the sexes on both sides feel they must shout or resort to brute force in one way or another.

I don’t feel becoming the polar opposite of what I was taught about women from my father is the answer.  Though I am also equally certain that being walked on is not the answer either but in the middle somewhere is what we should strive for.  I could not see myself living with my husbands mistress and am so uncontainably happy I did not have to endure such non-sense.

This movie reminds me, as I’m sure it does a lot of women, of just how much we’ve gained and yet how much more we have to go.  Now to be treated as a mans equal we must consent to be treated not as a woman but as a man.    We cannot have our identity as women and be treated as seperate but equal. Instead we must shed who we are and become what men are, as if they are the bar to which all must be measured, and all that we bear or accomplish is but a paltry sum in comparison.

I know this latest blog has little to do with writing or journaling but I could not help but comment for the movie touched a nerve, as all good ones do.  I hope you have endured or ignored with grace my latest rant and if not many pardons.  Have a wonderful evening and until we cross paths again keep writing, dreaming, and believing.

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