I am doing something!!!

Okay so that is not the standard title one would expect to find in a blog but it fits.  I am doing something.  What you may ask.  Well I would love to expand on that.

I am writing my fool head off between work and readying for my latest excursion into the realm of higher education.  I am so enjoying and hating this re-write.  I love it because it is finally coming to life in a way that more closely resembles my imagination version of this particular story and hating it because it isn’t done yet.  Impatience will kill my drive so I am busy distracting myself, when I get too frustrated, by working on my school project, work, home, kids, and this blog.  Enough irons in the fire?  Why yes actually, a few too many.  But it is enjoyable and I’m discovering that taking time out for what I enjoy is an endeavor that is thoroughly feeding my soul.

I thought being single again at this point in my life would be a sentence worse than death but I am so full of hope and energy I can’t find enough things to keep me occupied.  It’s wonderful.  For those of my fellow writers out there who may have a similar life change in their present set of circumstances just know that the result and what you get out of the experience lies entirely in how you look at it.  I have found in my new direction, freedom, purpose, and hope.  I am so thoroughly thrilled with all the places and things I am able to experience now.  Not because I have more money, I have less.  Not because I have more time, I have less of that also.  But because I have found that I am free of the smothering oppression of a situation that was depriving me of emotional oxygen.

Thank you all for reading this drivel and if it applies and you needed to hear it I’m glad.  If it didn’t and you read it anyway thanks for your time.  And if by some chance you just enjoy my twisted mind machinations thanks for the effort at trying to follow along.  Till we meet again in cyberspace keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep writing.

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