Going, Going, Gone

It is strange to think that this year is already over.  I watched it fly by as my life flew apart and back together and all the while I was wondering what is going to happen next.  But next is almost done for this year and I figured this was a good a place as any to make my plans (insert God like laughter here) for the year to come.

I am nearly done with my re-write and am shopping agents again but in this market and with things and people being so pessimistic I am doing the unthinkable for us writers that are set on getting published for that horrid thing called money.  I am going to self publish with a reputable firm that I have thoroughly researched and highly recommend to any writer who is writing g-rated fiction, Tate Publishing.

Then I am finishing my bachelor’s degree as an English major and getting my teaching certificate.  Then I am going to see how many of these plans actually manage to come to fruition by the end of the year. (again insert God like laughter here) So this time next year I am going to check back and let you know.

Well that is all I really had in mind to share tonight but I appreciate your time spent on reading my aimless rantings.  As always keep writing, reading, dreaming and believing.  Till next time, or next year whichever comes first, dream on.

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I’m Back

For those who may have stumbled across my page and looked on with sadness at my absence, I apologize.  I have had some serious life changes.  However, these changes have only temporarily interrupted the rantings of this workaholic writer.  I am now back and able to write at will on my obscure little blog.

I have, since my brief hiatus, been working on the re-write I have mentioned formerly in my blog.  It has been going well and I have managed to cut it down and weed it out considerably.  The third, and hopefully final draft, is racing along at a whopping pace of, okay so I won’t embarrass myself here and mention it to anyone.  But it is going.  I hope this latest post finds someone who reads my little ramblings entertained and happy that I have not completely vanished from the cosmos.  I will return with hopes that you will also.  Until then, keep writing, dreaming, and chasing the dream.

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