Writer’s Rant

**The Myspace blog post as mentioned previously.  Enjoy my rancor, or not!  

 Okay people I have to rant today.  It’s been bugging me all night and I can’t even tell you how long it took me to get to sleep; so here goes!  I understand that there are honest mistakes out there; when you spell a word that you’re certain you know you’re positively sure you spelled correctly so you don’t bother to check, then later end up smacking yourself in the forehead when re-reading.  But what is up with misspelling a word then putting this behind it-(sp?). 

Are we writers or not?  If you’re truly authors then practice a little professionalism please! It’s called a dictionary for cripes sake; it doesn’t cost that much, and for the digitally inclined they have them all over the web for free.  If you make an honest mistake well that is bound to happen to anyone, but if you aren’t sure of a spelling don’t add in an inane little symbol like (sp?) that proves you’re just too lazy to use spell check or look it up in a dictionary. It makes you look like a complete amateur!  Challenge for this week find three completely new words, use a dictionary (online or hard copy), look them up, learn to spell them, and how to use them in a sentence.  I’ll submit mine tonight!  Who is going to take up the flag and carry the message that to be a writer you must have a soupcon more intelligence and ambition than your average blogger.  Till tonight, keep dreaming, believing, and writing.

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